May 9, 2016

Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you are a student or avid athlete, or and adult who likes to participate in recreational or weekend sports, Family Physical Therapy & Wellness can help you. We not only evaluate and treat most sports injuries, but we also provide preventative screening and sports performance enhancement.

Sports injuries and pain can delay your participation in your favorite activities such as tennis or golf, and prevent you from participating in your games and competitions. Some common injuries include ligament sprains, muscle strains, fractures, concussions, and pain. Don’t delay seeking treatment, it will only extend the rehabilitation time or prevent you from finishing the season or participating in the next season. Let Family Physical Therapy & Wellness effectively treat your sports injury and help you return to your activities safely and pain-free.

Have you been inactive for a while and want to increase your activities and or participate in a sport?  Then come to Family Physical Therapy & Wellness and let us help you safely do this while consulting with your doctor.