May 9, 2016

Chronic Pain

Long term pain may be a result of many factors resulting from a spine injury, joint damage, a previous car accident, failed surgery or previous work injury. You may have had many procedures, surgeries and/or seen other health care professionals including a physical therapist. It is important to evaluate not only the problem area, but also above and below the area, and all the systems. Our physical therapist at Family Physical Therapy & Wellness will take you through a comprehensive evaluation looking at, posture, joint alignment, joint mobility, joint stability, soft tissue mobility, muscle strength, nerve function and mobility, and balance, and assess how all the systems are working together. Many times our bodies will compensate for decreased joint mobility, instability or a muscle imbalance, without us even realizing it. Then we experience pain, and it may not even be at the original injury site, but from the compensation site. Family Physical Therapy & Wellness will guide you through the entire rehabilitation process including referring to appropriate services such as, a nutritionist, and teach strategies of how to manage stress, and improve your overall function and quality of life.